For an introduction to Collaborators, check out this article. 

Perhaps the most significant part of the Collaborators feature is the fact that single-user account owners (i.e. Plus and Free users) can collaborate with others, without having to be added to a Team account. 

If you have a Plus plan, you’ll be able to add other Plus or Team users as Collaborators. They can then upload and edit images, add and refine scripts and share feedback by leaving comments on frames. Teamwork at its finest 👌

Remember that Collaborators can only be added to one project at a time, but the number of collaborators that you can add to your account has no limit! 

Collaborators can’t be added to a single storyboard or to a certain version of a storyboard. Access is given on a project basis so if you’ve added a Collaborator, keep in mind that they’ll see all storyboards with that particular project. 

The user who’s been invited as a Collaborator won’t be able to invite other Collaborators to a project – this can only be done by the Project owner (i.e. the person who initially created the project). 

☝️Note: Plus users can collaborate with others on a Plus or Team plan, but not with Free users.

Inviting a Collaborator to your Plus Account 

Follow the steps below to invite a Collaborator to your Plus account 👇

  • On the Project Dashboard, click the profile image in the top right-hand corner. From the dropdown, select Invite People
  • Then, choose Invite Collaborators
  • Enter the email address of the person/people you'd like to work with and click Invite Collaborators
  • The Collaborator will then receive an email letting them know that you've invited them to collaborate with you. This email will include a link that they'll need to click in order to accept the invitation. 
  • Once the Collaborator has accepted the invitation, their status will change to "Active" and they'll have access to all storyboards within the project that you've invited them to join.
  • If, at any point, you want to remove the Collaborator from your account, you can do this from within the Manage Collaborators page. 

If you have any further questions about adding a Collaborator to your Plus account, please get in touch and let us know - we'd be happy to answer them for you 💬

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