• Collaborators can be invited to Free, Plus or Team plans. 
  • If you're a single user with either a Free or Plus subscription, you can invite other people with the same type of subscription to collaborate with you. Plus users can invite other Plus users to collaborate with them, while Free users can work with other Free users. 
  • Collaborators can also be added to a Team account. They are similar to Teammates in that they also use a seat on the team, which is paid for by the billing user (i.e. the owner). 
  • On a Team plan, Collaborators have limited access to the projects within the team account. The account owner or other teammates can decide which projects they’d like to add the Collaborator to join. This option is most suitable for one-off projects when the Collaborator doesn’t need asses to all projects. 
  • Collaborators can edit scripts and storyboards and they can leave comments on frames from with the Edit View. They can't create or delete storyboards/projects and they don't have the ability to add or remove other teammates. 


  • Teammates can only be invited to a Team plan. 
  • After a Teammate has accepted their place on the team, they’re given access to all projects within the account. This option is best suited for creative teams who collaborate with each other on a regular basis.
  • Unlike Collaborators, Teammates are able to create new projects/storyboards and they can delete work that is no longer needed. 
  • Teammates also have the option to administer (i.e. add or remove) teammates. 
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