If you have a Team account and would like to reduce the size of your team, this article is for you👇

When setting up a Team account, the owner has the option to choose how many seats they’d like on their team. For example, if there are four users (including the owner), they’d need to have four seats on the team. 

Archiving a teammate/collaborator 

If a teammate or collaborator is archived from the team, their seat won’t automatically be deleted. The seat will remain on the team so that it can be filled by another person. In this case, there would be four seats on the team account with only three of those seats occupied. This additional seat would still be paid for by the owner. 

The number of seats on the team will always be shown on the Manage Team page. 

Removing a seat

If an extra seat is no longer needed, you’ll need to adjust this manually. To do this, open the Subscription page and select "See all plans". 

Use the -/+ toggle to adjust the number of users on the team. Then select "Update Plan". 

This update will be reflected on the Manage Team page and on your next invoice. 

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