There may be times when you don't need to use your Boords account during certain months. In this case, you can pause your subscription instead of cancelling it completely

To do this, head to the Subscription page of your account. Then, select Cancel subscription

After choosing your reason for cancelling, you’ll see the option to pause your subscription, instead of cancelling it. 

Pausing your subscription means that you won't be able to access your account for one month and the next monthly payment won't be made. Your subscription will automatically resume on the same date of the following month, unless you resume or cancel it within that time. 

When you log into your paused account, you'll see the option to resume it at any time. 

Or alternatively, you'll be able to cancel your subscription completely. 

If you decide to cancel your subscription, none of your work will be deleted, unless you specifically ask us to do so! Everything will be available to recover if you decide to re-activate your account again in the future.

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