Receiving email notifications for comments can be useful when you want to keep up to date with the feedback that's being left on your storyboards. 

However, there may be times when you'd rather not receive an email each time a comment is added. If this is the case, follow the steps below to unsubscribe yourself and others from notification emails 👇 

Note: By default, all team members for a given storyboard will receive email notifications when new comments are left by other users or guests. 

How to disable comments on certain storyboards

  • To control email notifications for all members on your Team, first click the Comments icon to open the sidebar. 

  • Then, select Settings

  • Check or uncheck the Enable team email notifications box, depending on your preferences (i.e. uncheck to disable). This will turn off email notifications for that particular storyboard. 

  • If you'd like your teammates to receive notifications, but you'd rather not get them, uncheck the second box, which will stop notifications being sent to your mailbox. 

How to disable comments across all storyboards

Comment notification emails for all storyboards can be disabled from within the Notifications page of your account. This page can be accessed from the Comments sidebar. 

Set the toggle to grey to disable notifications. 

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