We are developing a number of additional plugins that will aid your workflow to and from Boords. The Boords animatic tool for After Effects looks to deliver a 'one click' answer to animatic setup leaving you with time to get creative. If you have any thoughts on how we could improve or develop these plugins just give us a shout. [email protected]


Features (V01.3)

1 - Storyboard to Animatic in a couple of clicks

2 - All your Boords storyboard notes for reference

3 - Intelligent sound file importing

The tool sets up a composition (1920px 1080px) to the length of your sound file or to the number of seconds specified. It then imports the frames from the folder and distributes them evenly across the timeline. If you want it even adds a comp with all your frame notes (very useful when matching in points to VO).

*BONUS - The plugin will work with any folder containing a series of images. 


Using the tool

1 - Click the pencil button

Read the installation guide below to help you instal and open the tool bar in After Effects.

2 - Select your Boords folder

Select the Boords folder that you have downloaded and unzipped and click open. Be sure to select the actual folder and not any of its contents. To download your storyboard from Boords click the icon in the top right of the edit view that reads 'Download frames and script' on roll over.

3 - Select your sound file

If you don't have one click cancel and specify a length in seconds to build to. 

4 - Add your notes for reference

If you want the tool to create a reference layer with all your storyboard notes click OK when prompted. If not cancel and this will be skipped. This will take a minute or so for longer storyboards. Currently there is no clear loading message so please be patient.

5 - Over to you :)

Now you just need to adjust the in points of the frames to match your desired timings. 



  1. Download the plugin here. Unzip and place the content (BoordsTools.jsx file AND the BoordsTools Folder) in to the After Effects UI Scripts folder. here - /Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2017/Scripts/ScriptUI Panel (see image 1 below)
  2. Close and reopen After Effects. 
  3. In the 'Window' menu open the BoordsTools.jsx plugin.
  4. This will open the Boords Tools panel.

Image 1 - Where to place the folder and script

Change Log


  • storyboard notes align left (would align to current paragraph setting)
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