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Getting Started

Setting up your Boords account

Demo Videos

A collection of short demo videos to help you learn the ins & outs of using Boords

Pricing & Plans

Find out about upgrading, downgrading and changing your billing information

Storyboards & Frames

Learn more about the key elements of the storyboarding process


Discover the various ways of using AI to help with storyboarding

Image Editor

Learn how to use the Image Editor to draw and edit images

Team Collaboration

Collaborating with Teammates & Guests viewing through the shareable link


Learn what happens when you cancel a paid subscription


Learn how to create, format & export your script in Boords

PDF Exports

An in-depth look at exporting storyboards in Boords

Animatic Tool

How to use the Boords Animatic Tool to play frames in sequence and add a sound file to your storyboard

Image Sizes & Formats

Discover the best way to upload your images and which formats to use

Boords for Education Users

Find out about Classroom Plans & setting up a large group of students

Plugins & Extensions

Frequently Asked Questions