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Setting up a team

How to send invitations to team members to join your Boords team

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If you've chosen a team plan, inviting your teammates to work on projects with you is just a few clicks away! 

Group, Agency & Powerhouse are all team plans. 

  • First, click your profile image in the top right-hand corner of the Project Dashboard. From the dropdown menu, select Invite People

Here, you can decide whether you want to add your team-member as a "full access user" or as a "restricted access user". Both will use a seat on the team, but full access users have more functionality and access than restricted access users. To learn more about the differences between them, take a look at this article. 

👆 Note: The option to give a teammate restricted access is only available on Agency & Powerhouse subscriptions.

  • To send an invitation to a teammate, enter their email address and click Send invitations. If your team-member doesn't already have a Boords account, they'll be asked to create one before joining the team.

  • Once your teammate has accepted the invitation, their status on the Manage people page will change from “Invited” to “Active”

  • If you need to change their role on the team, click the menu button next to their name and select the new role you'd like to give them. You'll also be able to remove them from the team here, if necessary. 

👆 Note: For more information about the various team roles that are available, take a look at this article. 

You're all set to collaborate 🎉  

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