If you no longer need access to a storyboard, you can archive it and have it removed from your Project Dashboard. Archiving a storyboard also means that anyone you've shared the shareable link with won't be able to access it anymore. 

When a storyboard or project is archived, it'll remain in the Storyboard Archive and can be restored, if necessary.  

☝️Note: The Storyboard Archive is only available on paid plans. If you archive a storyboard on a Free plan, it won't be possible to restore it at a later time. 

Open the storyboard that you'd like to archive and click the three dots icon. From the dropdown menu, select Archive storyboard

If you've accidentally archived a storyboard and would like to recover it, you can do this from within the Archive. 

To access this, select Storyboard Archive from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner. 

Here you'll see a list of all your archived storyboards and you'll be give the option to restore them. 

You can also completely delete your storyboards from the database, if needed. 

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