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Sharing storyboards with the sharable link
Sharing storyboards with the sharable link

How to share storyboards using the shareable link

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Need to share your work with people who aren't part of your Boords team? 

The shareable link allows you to share your storyboards and animatics with guests and receive feedback from them. 

Guests don't need to be paying users. They could be clients, colleagues or any other person you'd like to share your storyboards with. 

☝️Note: Guests can view and comment on work that you've done, but they can't make changes. 

If you need another person to be able to collaborate on projects with you, you'd need to add them as a team member

Follow the steps below to start sharing your work with guests: 

  • Open the storyboard you'd like to share. 

  • Click the Share icon in the panel above your storyboard. 

  • Here you'll be able to copy the shareable link for your storyboard. 

  •  If you want guests to be able to leave comments on your storyboard, make sure that you've enabled commenting. In the dropdown menu, set the toggle to allow guests to comment on frames. 

  • When you're ready to share your work, copy the link and send it to guests to view. Happy days! 

☝️Note: If you've used Boords to make an Animatic, this will be automatically detected and will be shown in the Animatic Player. If you haven't added a sound file or changed the frame timings, we'll share the storyboard in the storyboard view. 

Read more about commenting in the shareable view here

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