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Sharing your Animatics
Sharing your Animatics

How to share Animatics using the shareable link or by downloading it as an MP4 file

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When you're ready to share your animatics with others, there are two options you can choose from. You can: 

  • Use the shareable link 

  • Or, download the animatic as an MP4 file 

Using the shareable link

You'll find the shareable link by clicking on the share icon in the storyboard edit view.

To share as an animatic, make sure to set the "Share as animatic" toggle to black. 

Copy the link and send it to your team, your clients or anybody else that you'd like to share your animatic with!

If you have enabled looping and subtitles in the animatic settings section, it will also be turned on for those viewing through the shareable link. 

In the shareable view, the notes and comments will be visible in the right-hand sidebar. People viewing through the link will also be able to add comments of their own 💬 

Animatic in Sharable View

Rendering to an MP4 file 

As well as using the shareable link, team account users will also have the option to render an animatic as an MP4 file. If you currently have a free plan and would like to have access to MP4 renders, you can upgrade here

In the Animatic Tool, click the download icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 

If a sound file has been uploaded to the Animatic, it will be automatically included. Displaying the subtitles is currently not supported in the MP4 file. 

The final, rendered video will be 1/2 HD in size (960x480 for 16:9). 

To learn more about the Boords Animatic Tool, check out this article. 

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