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Storyboards & animatics in the shareable view
Storyboards & animatics in the shareable view

A guide to navigating your way around a shared storyboard or animatic and how to leave comments on frames

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By using the shareable link, Boords users can share their work with clients, colleagues or anyone else! 

The person who receives the shared link may also have a Boords account, though it’s not necessary. They can view and leave comments on storyboards and animatics but they won’t have the option to make any edits. 

This article will break down how everything looks and functions in the shareable view, or you can check out the quick video below if you’re short of time! 

Storyboards in the shareable view:

Clicking a shared storyboard link will automatically open the storyboard in the shareable view. All of the notes and comments can be seen in the right-hand sidebar.

Storyboard in Shareable View 

Move through the frames by clicking the right & left arrows or by using the arrows on your keyboard. The frame dropdown option can also be used for quick navigation to particular frames of your choice. 

Comments can easily be added to frames in the shareable view. When you find a frame that you’d like to share your feedback on, just type your comment in the box. If you’re not already logged into a Boords account (or if you don't have a Boords account), you’ll be prompted to leave your name as well. 

Hit Send and your comment will be visible for all to see! 

Animatics in the shareable view:

Click the play button to play through with audio, or use the right & left arrows to manually move through the frames. 

Animatic in Shareable View 

Frame notes and comments will be visible in the sidebar and new comments can be added here too. 

As with the storyboard view, if you’re not logged into a Boords account, you’ll also be asked to leave your name. 

Click "X" in the top left-hand corner to switch to the grid view.

That's all there's to it! Now you're all set to start sharing & collaborating 👌

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