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Keyboard shortcuts

How to use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work in Boords

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Using keyboard shortcuts can be a handy way of accomplishing tasks quickly and improving your productivity in Boords. 

Here's a list of the shortcuts that are currently available: 

In the Edit View

Edit View 

  • To select multiple frames, hold the Shift key while clicking on the frames. 

  • To group frames together, first select the frames and then tap Command + G.

In the Image Editor

Image Editor

  • To undo an action, hit Command + Z

  • To redo an action, hit Command + shift + Z. 

  • If you've added an image or shape, tap Command + C to copy it. 

  • And to paste that (☝️) image, hit Command + V. 

  • The left bracket ( [ ) can be used to decrease the brush size, while the the right bracket ( ] ) can be used to increase its size. 

  • After selecting the drawing tool, hold the Shift key to draw a straight line. 

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