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Changing PDF layout
Changing PDF layout

Choose the perfect layout for your storyboard

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Boords offers five different PDF layouts so you can choose the most appropriate one for your storyboard!

These five options include: 

  • A six frame grid

  • A five frame list (portrait layout)

  • A four frame grid 

  • Two frames per page 

  • Full page frames  

To choose your layout, head to the PDF Exporter by clicking Download, then PDF on your storyboard. 

Under the Layout heading, click the dropdown option to choose the layout of your choice. 

As you change the PDF layout, the preview pane (on the left-hand side) will show you how your PDF will look when downloaded.

To learn about changing the display on your PDF cover, check out this article or if you'd like to add a footer logo, take a look here.  

If you have any questions, get in touch and let us know! 

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