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How to use Character Guidelines
How to use Character Guidelines

How to use Character Guidelines to create consistency among characters in AI-generated images

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Designed to maintain consistency among characters in AI-generated images, Character Guidelines help to ensure that your storytelling is cohesive and visually harmonious. Whether you're crafting a complex narrative or a simple scene, this feature simplifies the process, allowing your characters to maintain their unique look across various frames.

It's a leap forward in storyboard creation, blending technology and creativity to bring your visions to life with ease!

☝️ Note: Character Guidelines are currently in beta and even with a character selected, the AI may produce unexpected results. If this happens, you can try:

  • Regenerating your image

  • Editing your character attributes

  • Editing the character prompt

The Character Guidelines feature is continually evolving, and your feedback helps us improve!

Creating frames with characters

The process of crafting AI characters is intuitive and user-friendly. Here's how it works 👇

Look for the Character Guideline option, which you'll find in the generator form. This can be accessed in the Grid View of your storyboard or in the sidebar of the Editor.

Grid View

Editor Sidebar

☝️ Note: Character Guidelines are only available with the Marker style.

The Character Guideline dropdown menu is your starting point to creating consistent characters! There are six default characters that you can chose from.

When a character is selected, the default Prompt field changes to Character Prompt. This field comes with a placeholder that suggests the type of input you should provide for best results.

Character prompts should be clear and direct instructions, focusing on the character’s actions rather than the character itself. For example, use descriptions like “walking in the park” rather than directly referencing the character.

After generating an image, you'll see a preview to help you visualise how your characters will come to life in the storyboard. If you're happy with the outcome, select Insert Image to have the image added to your storyboard.

Creating new characters

As well as the six default characters, you can also craft your own characters. Characters can be edited to adjust their age, ethnicity, clothing, hairstyle, and more to fit your vision.

To start editing, click the Copy & Edit Guidelines button in the character dropdown. This opens the character in the Character Guideline Editor.

Click Make a Copy to duplicate the character. This shows an active version of the Editor where you can make changes to the character.

Here you can choose the age, gender and ethnicity of your character, and add specific details about their hair, facial features and clothing. You can also specify the character features that you want to avoid. After editing, select Generate Preview to see how your character will look. Generating character previews does not use tokens from your AI credit balance.

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