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Enhanced Image Generator
Enhanced Image Generator
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The new enhanced version of the Image Generator produces significantly higher-quality images on the first try! It’s now available for all users on AI-enabled plans.


Here are some examples of the new image generator in action:

Flat Color

Prompt: “a family walking in a park”

Ink Wash

Prompt: “a cat on a sofa”


Prompt: “old man sitting under an oak tree”

Comic Book

Prompt: “an empty supermarket aisle”

Flat Black & White

Prompt: “a boy in a kitchen”


Prompt: “a man in a cafe”

How to change image model preferences

If you prefer to use the previous image model, follow these simple steps to switch back:

Go to your team settings page.

Toggle off the “Use new AI image model” setting to revert to the old image model.

For any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us for support 💬

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