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Team roles

An overview of team roles and what they mean

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You can give your teammates different permissions according to the level of access that you'd like them to have. 

Change these permissions from the Manage people section of your account. 

Below is a list of the different roles and what each means:

1. Owner 

The person who first sets up a team automatically becomes the Owner. This person is responsible for billing and is able to access all projects within the team. They can also administer teammates (invite new teammates, change roles and remove teammates). Teams can have only one Owner.

2. Admin 

Team members with an Admin role can do everything that an Owner can do, except access billing information. Teams may have as many Admins as they need.

3. Full access

Full access users can see all projects within the team account. They can also create new projects, but they aren't able to administer teammates.

4. Restricted access   

Restricted access users can only view the projects that they've been added to. Unlike Full access users, they won't be able to view all projects within the team account.  

They can edit storyboards and scripts and can comment on frames but they can't create or delete storyboards and they won't be able to access the admin settings (e.g. to add or remove teammates). 

For more information about restricted access users, check out this article. 

👆 Note: The option to give a teammate restricted access is only available on Agency & Powerhouse subscriptions.

5. Guest 

Guests can view and comment on storyboards in the shareable view, but they can't create or edit work. They don't need to be paying users. Anyone who's received a link to a shared storyboard is a Guest. 

👆 Note: Read more about what Guests can see here

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