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Using the Script Editor
Using the Script Editor

Keep scripting simple with the Boords Script Editor 📄

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Writing a script plays a major part in the storyboarding process, but it can often be a tricky thing to get right. When there’s revisions, rewriting, rewriting again (and again!), things can get confusing pretty quickly. Keeping track of your script can become a chore in itself!  

Well, worry no more! The Boords Script Editor is here to save the day 💪 By bringing your whole script together in one single view, it helps make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Here’s a run-down of where to find the Script Editor and how you can use it to make scripting a whole lot easier! 

To access the Script Editor, first open the sidebar.

Then open the Script Editor tab.

The Script Editor corresponds with the notes in the Label, Sound and Action fields, which means that if you make changes to the text in these fields, the Editor will automatically update (and vice versa).

Filter between the fields by using the separate tabs for All, Label, Voiceover and Action (or for any custom note fields you've added). 

Before adding your script into the Editor, be sure to organise it into separate lines or paragraphs for each frame. Then, paste the entire thing in - no more need to copy & paste line by line!

👆Top Tip: Use slashes ( / ) to create new lines in the fields. Make sure to add a space before and after the slash. 

When you're finished, hit Save script to save any changes and you'll be good to go! 

Still having trouble editing your script? We can help! Send us a direct message by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom corner of your screen. 

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