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Adding notes to a storyboard
Adding notes to a storyboard

How to add, edit and format your storyboard's notes

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Adding frame notes is a key part of the storyboarding process 🗒

In Boords, you can choose the note fields that you'd like to add to your storyboard. Some examples include: Sound, Action, Lighting and Camera. You can also edit the note fields to create customised fields of your own. 

What do the default notes mean? 

Each frame has a Label field. Here, you can label a frame to help distinguish it from other frames. This could be a specific title or something more generic, like Scene 1, for example. 


By default, Sound and Action note fields will be added to your storyboards. These notes can be toggled on/off. 

The Sound field is intended for your voiceover notes. Use this space to add a voiceover script or for the dialogue between characters in a scene. It’s not possible to upload an audio file here - but if you do need to do this, you can upload one in the Animatic Tool


In the Action field, add your notes to describe what’s happening in the scene. When other people view the storyboard, this will help them understand what exactly is going on in the story. 


Adding & editing notes

To choose the notes you'd like in your storyboard, open Settings > Storyboard tab in the sidebar.

Set the toggle to black to enable certain fields (such as Lighting and Camera) on your storyboard. To disable a field, set the toggle to white.

Alternatively, you can edit the note fields to create customised field names. Select the icon drop-down to choose a suitable icon for your notes. 

Click Edit for the option to re-arrange or delete note fields.

To re-position a note field, grab it and move it into place.

Or click the trash icon to remove a field entirely.

Once you've decided on and set up the note fields, you can get started on adding your notes. 

There are two ways to do this: 

  • In the Edit View. Notes can be typed directly into the note fields below each frame. Use the Tab key to move quickly through the fields. 

  • Or in the Script Editor. With the Script Editor, large chunks of text can be added together at one time. Any changes that you make in the Script Editor will also be applied to the note fields – and vice versa. 

When you've added your notes, you can also edit them in the sidebar of the Editor and Animatic Tool.

Text formatting

If you'd like to format the text in your notes, you can use use Markdown. This will allow you to make the text bold or italic or to insert a link. This formatted text will be visible when you or others view the storyboard through the shareable link. Read more about how to use Markdown in this article

Still have questions about adding notes? Send us a direct message via the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen!

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