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Learn how to format text in Boords (add bold/italic text and insert links)

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While adding text to Boords, you may want to format your text for emphasis. Read on for more information on how to add bold or italic text and how to add a hyperlink πŸ‘‡

Text formatting is available in all text input fields, including in frame notes, in the Script Editor and in comments.

First, select the text to add formatting. Use the popup menu to choose a format.


Or use the keyboard shortcuts below:

  • Bold (keyboard shortcut - command + b)

  • Italic (keyboard shortcut - command + i)

  • Link (keyboard shortcut - command + k)

You can also select text, then paste a link from your clipboard to automatically add links to text.

Your formatted text will be shown in PDF exports and in the shareable view.

Shareable view

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