Adding images to a storyboard

An outline of the various ways that images can be added to a storyboard

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Adding images to a Boords storyboard can be done in a few different ways. This article will take a look at the options that are available to you 👇

Adding pre-prepared images 

If you have images that are ready to be uploaded into you storyboard, you can simply drag & drop them in! 

  • Find the image(s) on your computer, select them and drag them onto your empty storyboard. 

If you've already added some images but would like to upload more, just drop them onto the grey section at the end of your storyboard. 

  • Instead of dragging and dropping images, you can search for your pre-prepared images by selecting Add Images, then Upload Images. You can then search your computer for the images you'd like to upload. 

  • Images can also be uploaded directly from Dropbox or Google Drive into your storyboard. 

☝️Note: When an image is uploaded in either of the ways mentioned above, the image will automatically fill the entire frame.

  • It's also possible to upload images into the Image Editor directly. In this case, the image won't automatically fill the entire frame and can be adjusted (e.g. moved, resized, rotated) after being uploaded. To do this, first open the Image Editor and then drag the image in. 

In this way, you'll be able to add multiple images to one frame.

Drawing into frames 

If you don't have any pre-prepared images that are ready to upload, the Image Editor can be used to draw images from scratch. 

First, add some blank frames to your storyboard. 

Hover over a a frame and select Edit to access the Editor. 

This article will explain in detail how to use the Editor. 

Using the Image Library

The Image Library is a great option if you haven't pre-prepared any images and you don't want to draw images of your own. 

To access the Library, open the sidebar in the Editor.

Here, you can search for suitable icons or photos to add to the frame. The illustrations are provided by Icon Finder while the photos are from Unspash



Generating AI Images

Boords also offers an Image Generator where you can easily create AI images to add to your storyboard.

To access the Image Generator, hover over a frame and select Generate.

Read more about generating AI images here.

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