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How to use the AI Image Generator
How to use the AI Image Generator

Learn how to use the AI Image Generator in Boords and discover how the image credit system works

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There are various ways of adding images to your storyboards, such as uploading pre-prepared images or drawing directly into your frames. However, having the ability to quickly generate images can be a game-changer for creators in a pinch. This is where the AI image generator comes into play!

Image credits

Every time an AI image is generated, an image credit is used. An automatic monthly allowance is included on paid plans (Individual, Group, Agency, Powerhouse). Credits are replenished each month at the beginning of the billing cycle.

Image credits are available at a team level. When a teammate generates an AI image within the team account, one credit from the Owner’s account will be deducted.


Image Credits











Professional Plans


Other plans


Enabling & disabling the Image Generator

To enable the Generator, head to your Team Settings, and click the AI image generator toggle.

Disabling the toggle will remove the AI image generator for you and your team members.

Generating AI images

  • Hover over a frame and select Generate to open the Image Generator flyover.

Here you can:

- Choose the style of image you’d like to generate. There are 17 different styles to choose from with each style showing a preview image. If you choose “none”, no specific style will be applied to the image.

- Add a prompt to describe what you’d like to see.

- Add a negative prompt to describe what you wouldn’t like to see.

  • Once you've added your prompt, the Generate button will be enabled - click this button to generate your AI image.

  • You’ll see a preview of your generated images and can decide if you’d like to use the image, retry to generate another image or edit the prompt that you had previously added.

👆 Note: Image credits will only be deducted from your credit allowance when you choose to insert an image into a frame.

  • Clicking Insert Image will upload the image to your storyboard frame.

If you have any further questions on the AI Image Generator, reach out to the support team for help 💬

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