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Using the Image Editor
Using the Image Editor

How to use the Image Editor to draw, upload, generate or insert images

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The Image Editor can be used to draw entire frames, add images to existing frames, add multiple images to a frame or generate AI images.

This article will explain how it works 👇

Drawing into frames

If you haven't already prepared your images and you'd like to sketch them in Boords, you'll need to start with blank frames. 

After creating a new storyboard, add some blank frames. 

To access the Image Editor, hover over a frame and select Editor

Select the Drawing Tool to draw directly into the frame. You'll be able to change the brush size and colour before you start sketching. 

You can add text and shapes to your frame. 



☝️ Note: If you've already uploaded images to your frames, you can draw over the top of them in the way described above.

Uploading images 

Rather than sketching in the Editor, you can also upload images from your own device or from the Boords Image Library. In this case, the image won't automatically fill the entire frame and can be adjusted (e.g. moved, resized, rotated) after being added.

To upload an image of your own, drag it from your computer directly into the Image Editor. 

In this way, you'll be able to add multiple images to one frame. 

Image library

If you don't have any images of your own, you can use the Image Library to find suitable photos or illustrations. 

First, open the sidebar on the right-hand side of your frame.

You can then search for icons or photos to add to your storyboard frames.



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