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An overview of the various download options in Boords (storyboard, script, images & animatic)

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In Boords, it’s possible to download:

  • An entire storyboard as a PDF file

  • Each page of a storyboard as a PNG file (suitable for uploading to Google Slides)

  • A script as a Word document

  • Images in a ZIP file

  • An animatic as as MP4 file

Downloading a PDF

To download your entire storyboard (with images & notes included), click the Download button above your storyboard. From the dropdown menu, select PDF to download your storyboard as a PDF file.

You'll then be able to customise your PDF to make it look as you want!

Downloading PNG files

Instead of downloading the entire storyboard as one PDF, you may want to download each page as a separate file. This works particularly well if you use Boords alongside Google Slides for presenting!

Above your storyboard, select Download, then Google Slides.

Before downloading the slides, you can customize how your storyboard will look.

Downloading a script

There may be times when you want to download your script without having all of the storyboard's images attached. In this case, you can download the script as a Word document (.docx). Select Download, then choose Script from the dropdown menu.

The script will include both the Voiceover and Action notes from your storyboard.

Downloading images

If you'd like to move your images from the storyboard to your device, you can download them altogether into a ZIP file. Select Download, then click Images.

Before downloading the ZIP file, you can choose if you'd like to use the Label notes as the file names for your images. This can make locating certain images easier to do!

Downloading an animatic

After creating an animatic, it's possible to download it as an MP4 file. To do this, select Download, then choose Animatic.

Click Download Latest Version or Start a new render if you've made recent updates.

The animatic can also be downloaded from within the Animatic Tool.

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