Using the Image Library
Learn the difference between assets, frame images and stock images
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The Image Library stores all of your images together in one central place. The library is divided into three sections: Frames, Assets and Stock. This article will explain the differences between the three.

To access the Image Library, click Open sidebar in the top right-hand corner of your storyboard.

Then, select Image Library from the menu.


All of the images that you add to your frames will automatically show up in the 'Frames' tab. Frame images can also be re-used multiple times in a storyboard.

Note that you must delete a frame from the Grid view before you can delete it completely within the Frames tab.

In the Grid View, you can drag images from the Frames tab onto a frame to replace an existing image or drag them onto a blank frame.

You can also drag frames directly into the Editor.


An image can be uploaded to the 'Assets' tab without adding it as a frame in your storyboard. Storing your image in the Assets tab means that you can re-use the same image multiple times in the same storyboard.

Access the Assets tab in both the Grid view or in the Editor

Grid view


Drag images from your computer onto the Assets section to store them.

Finally, use your assets by dragging them from the sidebar, into the editor.


If you don’t have any pre-prepared images ready to upload to your storyboard, you can use the stock library to search for suitable images. Use the search bar to find an image, then drag it onto a frame.

You can also access the stock library in the Editor.

Stock photos from Unsplash

Icons from Iconfinder

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