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Customized sharing links

Learn how to set up customized subdomains for shared storyboards

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Creating customized storyboards to share with others is a key part of the Boords’ magic ✨

People on a Powerhouse plan have the option to customize their subdomain so that their personal branding shows up in links shared with colleagues, clients or anyone they’d like to share their work with. This creates a branded, customized experience as soon as someone opens the link to a storyboard!

Shared storyboards will be shown on a subdomain, such as:

Follow the steps below to set up a custom URL:

  • In the Domain field, enter your company’s name. Here you’ll see how the link will appear in the sharing view.

  • Hit Save to update the changes and you’re off! When you share a storyboard, the link will appear as your new custom link.

👆 Note: If a subscription is cancelled, the storyboard links will revert back to

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