Having teammates comment on your storyboard's frames is a quick & easy way of gathering feedback in Boords. 

This article will run through how to enable, add, edit & delete comments. 

Enabling comments 

Comments can be enabled or disabled from within the Comments section on each storyboard. If commenting is turned off, teammates or guests viewing through the shareable link won't have the option to leave feedback on frames. 

To enable commenting, first open the sidebar and open the Comments tab.

Here, you'll see the option to enable commenting. 

Adding comments

To add a comment, hover over the frame you'd like to comment on and click Comment

Once it's been sent, your comment will show in the comments panel on the right. 

Editing & Deleting Comments 

To edit or delete a comment you've left on a frame, rollover the comment in the panel bar to uncover the options. 

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