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Creating image variations with characters & seeds
Creating image variations with characters & seeds

How to use "seed" images with characters to create continuity across frames

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Creating consistency across frames is crucial for visual storytelling.

Seed images can be a powerful way to create sequential scenes with consistency in a storyboard. Using seed images in combination Character Guidelines can help ensure that the characters you use retain their distinctive features and personality throughout a story. Understanding these techniques can elevate your work and bring a sense of cohesiveness to your storytelling.

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For example, below we have an image generated with a character and a simple character prompt: “walking in a park”.

If you’d like to create a very similar image but adjust it slightly, first duplicate the frame. In the duplicated image, select Generate.

Enter a new prompt to describe what you’d like to see in the new image and enable the Use Frame Image as Seed toggle.

This will result in a new image with a slightly modified character.

This can be incredibly useful to create similar frames in a storyboard.

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