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The basics of storyboarding
The basics of storyboarding

Are you new to storyboarding? Learn the basics here!

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Are you looking to create a video but don’t know where to begin? 🤯

If you’re a newbie to storyboards and video making, this article will talk you through the basics. 

What is a storyboard? 

A storyboard is a sequence of drawings with accompanying notes. The drawings give a snapshot of what will happen in a video at certain points. The notes are used to explain in detail what will happen and what the viewer will hear during the scene.

In Boords, there are note fields for Sound and Action as well as the option to add your own custom notes

Sound & Action fields 

  • In the Sound field, add what is being said during the scene. This could be either a dialogue between characters or a voiceover

  • In the Action field, explain what exactly is happening in the drawing. Is your character sitting on a park bench, listening to the birds? Add that here! These notes will help other people understand the action in the scene. 

To learn the most common storyboarding terminology that you’re likely to come across, check out the blog post below 👇

Why do I need a storyboard? 

A storyboard is a planning tool to help map out how a finished video will flow. It helps to communicate your vision for a video. 

In creating a storyboard, you can begin to figure out what works and what doesn’t work – then, you can make changes as needed. 

Starting a video without a storyboard is like setting off on a trip without a roadmap!

Where should I begin? 

Great storyboards generally begin with a script. A script is the text-based part of a storyboard. It’s a written description of the action that will take place, as well as the voiceover and/or dialogue between characters. 

A script can be a very simple piece of text – or equally, it can be complex and may describe transitions, voiceover and more information in great detail. 

With the Boords Script Editor, you can easily add and edit your script. When you add or edit text in the Script Editor, these changes will automatically be updated in the note fields on your storyboard. 

Script Editor 

Once you're clear on how your video will flow, you can then begin creating images and adding them to your storyboard. This video explains the different ways that you can add images in Boords. 

For some helpful storyboarding tips, take a look at the blog post below 👇

If you have any further questions, we're here to help! Send a message to the Boords team via the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen 💬

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