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Accessing the Image Editor
Accessing the Image Editor
Learn about the Image Editor & how to access it
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When the time comes to add images to your storyboard, you have two options to choose from. 

You can either: 

  1. Upload some pre-prepared images (in jpg, gif, png or psd format)

  2. Or, use the Editor to draw directly into frames 

In this article, we'll take a look at the variety of ways that you can access the Image Editor.

☝️ Note: As well as using the Editor to create drawings from scratch, you can also use it to to add text and shapes to uploaded images. 

1. The quickest option for accessing the Editor is to simply double-click on the frame you'd like to edit. 

2. You can also hover over a frame and select Edit. 

3. Or, select the image by clicking on it and choose Edit in the toolbar.  

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