Boords offers several different plans, which have a few important differences between them.

Here’s an explanation of how the Free, Studio, Company and Company Plus plans differ from each other. 

☝️Note: For more information about the features available on each plan, check out our pricing page


All new users that sign up to Boords will be subscribed to the Free plan and can use this plan for as long as they like. The Free plan is a single-user plan. It has space for two active storyboards at one time and each storyboard can have a maximum of 12 frames. Free users can add images to a storyboard, add and edit notes, and create animatics.

The following features are not included on the Free plan: 

  • Commenting

  • Versioning 

  • PDF exports & custom branding

  • MP4 renders 


The Studio plan is best suited to small teams who want to create storyboards and animatics collaboratively. This plan has space for 3 users to work together. 

The following features are included on the Studio plan: 

  • Team collaboration

  • Commenting 

  • Sharing via the shareable link 

  • PDF exports 

  • The Animatic Tool 

  • MP4 renders 


The Company plan offers all of the features that are included on the Studio plan but has space for 10 users.

Company Plus 

The Company Plus plan also offers all the features available on the Studio & Company plan but has space for 50 users. 

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