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An overview of the differences between Individual, Group, Agency & Powerhouse

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Boords offers several different plans, which have a few important differences between them.

Here’s an explanation of how the Individual, Group, Agency & Powerhouse plans differ from each other.

☝️Note: For more information about the features available on each plan, check out our pricing page.


The Individual plan is best suited to individuals/freelancers who are working solo. It's a single-user plan.

The following features are included on the Individual plan:


The Group plan works best for small groups to collaborate on storyboards. It has all of the features offered on Individual, plus:


The Agency plan is a good option for larger groups, needing to create more storyboards. It has all of the features available on Group, plus:


The Powerhouse is most suitable for large companies. It has all of the Agency features, plus:

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